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We help you build and enhance sustainable and cultivated relationships with your target clients through community based initiatives that advance awareness of your company’s brand. Bridge Forward Solutions provides a unique and fresh perspective to increase partnerships, visibility and funding. We partner with you to enhance strategic departmental and company goals. We have over 10 years of experience working with businesses, government agencies, universities, churches and nonprofits to research, design and develop recruitment and retention campaigns; fuel collaboration between nonprofits, businesses and government entities to gain private/public funding; manage orientation programs to increase volunteer participation; orchestrate diversity trainings for seminars and workshops; manage budgets of any size; and diversify your donor outreach.

The following is a sampling, but not an exhaustive list, of ways we can assist you:
  • Corporate Branding/Identity
  • Develop and manage a strategic plan and budget for community relations activities
  • Grant/Loan Management
  • Identify important community issues and develop appropriate analysis to produce policy and action recommendations
  • Nonprofit Solution Strategist™ Inner Circle (exclusively for nonprofit leaders)
  • Plan and execute community outreach programs

Schedule a Discovery Call (to discuss your specific needs and determine how we can assist) or a Community Strategy Call (we will help you develop a strategic plan of action to address your needs.) 

In-House Consultant

We are available to provide advice to protect and enhance your business as it grows or if you need assistance making essential business decisions to keep you connected to your client base on a consistent basis. We offer a wide portfolio of services at cost effective rates. Contact us for additional information.

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