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Have you noticed that your external connections have impacted your internal bottom line and overall positioning? How do your systems, processes and approaches speak to community development? These are challenging questions that require strategic insight from an agency that has experience and expertise in repositioning a company’s framework to a community-centered model.

We help you build and enhance sustainable and cultivated relationships with external partners through place-based initiatives, programs and policies to accomplish a strategic vision for community development. Bridge Forward Solutions provides a unique and fresh perspective to develop, implement and sustain effective and efficient processes for community development and neighborhood revitalization projects. We partner with your organization to enhance strategic departmental and company goals. We have over 10 years of experience  organizing and leading aspects of community outreach activities and  analyzing complex external relationship issues while properly aligning internal procedures and/or policies that match community development desires. 

The following is a list of tailored solutions we provide:

  • Create tailored and innovative solutions to increase community outreach efforts, partnerships, visibility, and funding.
  • Develop and nurture community relationships to foster a positive image and promote beneficial multi-channel engagement that resonates with diverse populations.
  • Provide strategic direction, from inception to execution, to develop a highly integrated and evidence-based community engagement strategy.  
  • Implement new approaches to fully plan, deliver, manage and coordinate community outreach activities related to organization/community needs. 
  • Develop an annual strategy for community outreach and information distribution designed to inform stakeholders, staff, and communities on projects/matters of interest.
  • Apply knowledge of company policies and objectives to identify, define, and organize resources for large projects/programs/work activities to accomplish activities within established schedules and budgetary requirements.
  • Provide expert guidance and instruction both internally and externally to address diverse, complex issues which often cross multiple projects, programs, and/or functional areas.
  • Identify important community issues and develop appropriate analysis to produce policy and action recommendations.
  • Reposition the internal culture of an organization to serve as Solution-Strategists who understand the importance of community development to remain authentic, efficient and consistent in the overall marketplace.

In-House Consultant

We are available to serve as your personal in-house advisor to develop and recommend approaches to address current and anticipated problems and issues to ensure that your community engagement efforts remain relevant and positively impact the communities you serve. Contact us for additional information.

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