Nonprofit Coaching

We are accepting applications for the Nonprofit Solution-Strategist Inner Circle.™ If you are ready to expand the reach of your nonprofit organization, then this may be for you. 

This is for you if you need the ABCs to develop and position yourself as a solution-strategist.

  • Accountability to you allow yourself room to excel quickly to the next level;
  • Business Mindset (no more playing it small because the world needs your nonprofit!); and
  • Clarity on why and how your nonprofit will be a solution in your respective industry.

Benefits of joining this series:

  • Direct access to Sareena Beasley (founder, attorney, employee-to-entrepreneur, side-hustler to full timer, 10+ years in corporate/nonprofit sector and public/community relations) and the amazing group of special experts;
  • Strategies to empower, educate, and enlighten your target audience;
  • Group Coaching to melt your current mindset that is distracting you from accomplishing your goals;
  • The Blueprint to become a solution-strategist;
  • Build strategic systems, procedures, and bylaws that govern your nonprofit;
  • Action Steps to enhance your grant writing skills, budget/financial forecasting, recruiting/managing your board of directors, and working with volunteers/interns; 
  • Access to members only events + like-minded individuals that will encourage you to turn your dreams into reality, celebrate your wins and help you overcome your challenges; and
  • Investment is low risk because you can cancel at any time (15 days notice) so you can’t lose!

This is not for you if (1) you are not ready to fully immerse yourself in the work it will take to reach higher levels of success and (2) you are not serious about changing and challenging the issues confronting our community – which was the reason you wanted to start your nonprofit in the first place, right?!

Frequently Asked Questions:                            

How long is this program?

6 months

How much does this cost?   

Monthly Investment – $597 

One Time Investment – $3,000 (save over $500 + receive an awesome welcome gift; a one-on-one strategy call with Sareena; priority access to our pitch competition; and discounted VIP pricing to our conferences.)  

How Does the membership billing work?  On the 5th day of each month, we will charge you for your monthly membership fee. 

Can I cancel my membership? Why would you want to leave before you experience the full transformation?!?! You can cancel your monthly membership at any time (15 days notice). You can not cancel your one time investment payment. 

What should I expect from this investment? This will not be easy! I will push you to break norms and overcome stereotypes, but you and your nonprofit will grow! Each month you will learn more as the leader of your nonprofit on how to make better decisions; how to run a successful nonprofit; working with donors/volunteers; gain industry insider tools/resources; and cultivate key relationships. Most importantly, you will feel more prepared to start and/or grow your nonprofit.

There will never be a perfect time to do this. And you may never feel like you have enough resources to do the meaningful work that was put on your heart – so don’t wait any longer. The world needs your nonprofit organization – not just to exist, but to thrive and change our world!

Apply today!


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